Bitcoin Trading Guide – All Possible Options

What is Bitcoin What makes Bitcoin trading interesting How to trade Bitcoins Trade Bitcoins directly Trading Bitcoin on a Crypto Exchange Trading BTC on Marketplaces Trading Bitcoin indirectly with Derivatives Bitcoin price transactions as CFD Trade Bitcoin Forecasts (Futures) Trade Bitcoin offline Conclusion on Trading with Bitcoin The Internet currency Bitcoin has long been in […]

What the future holds for Bitcoin

A study by Deutsche Bank predicts that cryptocurrencies could soon replace established money. Critics consider this to be highly unlikely. If the euro had lost almost half its value within six months, investors would have panicked long ago. No matter how many times the European Central Bank (ECB) would stress that it has the situation […]

Bitcoin Futures Trading Explained

What are Futures? The name says it all: Futures are transactions whose fulfillment lies in the future. Both commodities and securities can be traded, sometimes even futures on fictitious securities are offered, such as the Bitcoin Future. In contrast to options, futures are an unconditional forward transaction, so there is no option right, but the […]

The Best Bitcoin Casino Apps

BTC has become a trendsetter in many different industries like gambling. Here we will explain exactly how the best cryptocurrency games work. How do you deposit with Bitcoin? You also want to use your Bitcoins to gamble, for example at What do you do to be successful? First, create an account on the company’s […]

This Is How Corona Endangers The Credit Agreements

The corona crisis will lead to covenant breaches and discussions with lenders for many companies. We’ve asked two finance lawyers, who explain what awaits CFOs and how they can arm themselves. The serious consequences of the corona virus will continue to stall almost all companies in Europe until further notice. What do CFOs and treasurers […]

Sports Betting with BTC

There are now providers of sports betting almost a dime a dozen. There are sometimes significant differences from provider to provider. But what many providers have in common is that they look to the future. That is why crypto currencies in particular are playing an increasingly important role. Conventional payment methods have long since ceased […]

Kraken Exchange – An Overview is a large and strongly growing crypto exchange, which shines by simple operation and overview. In addition to the Bitcoin, 16 other Altcoins and 5 FIAT currencies, including Euro and US Dollar, are traded here. offers trading and good security settings, but requires some proof of identity, so you will have to wait […]