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Le VPN Provider Review – Pros & Contras

Le VPN is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) based in Hong Kong with over 800 VPN servers in 114 countries around the world. It is a convenient method for users to change their IP address and bypass all possible restrictions without problems. The company has developed an innovative HybridVPN service to increase the streaming speed Read More

How to surf anonymously and safely through the Internet

When using the Internet, your PC transfers a lot of data in the background. Advertising companies, but also criminals and secret services have an interest in it. In this way you protect yourself from annoying snoopers. When surfing the Internet, you leave more traces than you might think. Whenever you visit a website, the site Read More

The Best Bitcoin Casino Apps

BTC has become a trendsetter in many different industries like gambling. Here we will explain exactly how crypto games work. How do you deposit with Bitcoin? You also want to use your Bitcoins to gamble, for example at What do you do to be successful? First, create an account on the company’s website. It’s Read More

Kraken Exchange – An Overview is a large and strongly growing crypto exchange, which shines by simple operation and overview. In addition to the Bitcoin, 16 other Altcoins and 5 FIAT currencies, including Euro and US Dollar, are traded here. offers trading and good security settings, but requires some proof of identity, so you will have to wait Read More

What is a VPS (Virtual Private Server)?

The abbreviation VPS stands for the English term “Virtual Private Server”. VPS are often also called “Virtual Dedicated Server” which means exactly the same. The Virtual Private Server is defined as a virtual web server based on a physical server. The powerful physical server is divided into several Virtual Private Servers. Each VPS on this Read More

Factors to consider when choosing a Bitcoin Casino

Bitcoin has revolutionized the online gambling industry. Bets with Bicoins are legal all over the world, are settled instantly and are very easy to place. Just as before playing in a casino where real money is played, the player must research thoroughly before depositing money into a gambling site. Because not all websites are the Read More

Internet Censorship Should Not Be A Swiss Solution


The revised Money Play Act must be rejected, as it would bring with it a regulatory sin that must under no circumstances become a reality as a precedent for future revisions of the law: the network blockage on the Internet.

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Test: That’s What Your VPN Reveals About You

VPNs stand for security and data protection. This way you can check whether your VPN really protects your privacy.

With a virtual, private network – VPN for short – you can handle your Internet usage securely and protected from unauthorized access.

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