World of Tanks must be downloaded, can only be played on the Internet and is basically free of charge. However, it is possible to buy additions for real money, which are not necessary for a quick game in between, but become almost inevitable in the later, professional course of the game.

Even if the name reminds strongly of the online role-playing game World of Warcraft, the two games have relatively little in common. As is possible in the Battlefield series, the player takes control of a tank and, together with 14 other players on the Internet, conducts very tactical battles against a team of 15 other human players.

  • For each battle, players receive credit and experience points – which show the similarities with online role-playing games – which can be used to buy new tanks and improvements.
  • There is no action. Getting started is complicated and can be frustrating in the first few rounds.
  • Once young people have understood the basics, however, the battles are entertaining and offer a great deal of tactical potential.
  • Only vehicles are shown, there are no visible people in the game and even guns with open cabs only show an empty seat. The tanks are divided into USSR, Germany and USA, in the battles the nations are however wildly mixed up, this reduces possible racist problems, but does not eliminate them from the world.

Educational assessment

All you need to play World of Tanks is an Internet connection and a modern PC. Here is a site where you can place crypto-based bets.

After registering for the game, the game files have to be downloaded and the players can plunge into battle – the age of the players is not checked at any point. However, the game is quite complex and young players quickly lose the fun because of the dry display, there are no explicit representations of violence, but it is shot and vehicles explode. The tank simulation is aimed more at an adult audience that is enthusiastic about technique and tactics, there is also no action. The motivation to play lies in competing with other players and playing new tanks.

Even if young people are not necessarily the core players, the military technology the game deals with has a strong appeal for them – the reward mechanisms typical of online role-playing games are a further incentive for younger players. Parents should seek dialogue with their children to reflect on the fact that this is war, even though only vehicles are shown. The range of tanks also includes tracked vehicles built after the Second World War, but the reference to this historic event is still very useful.

Time expenditure

World of Tanks by WARGAMING can be played on the beginner level in an excellent “just for a moment” way. The battles end as soon as the enemy base is captured, all enemies are destroyed or simply after 15 minutes. These short skirmishes are fun – assuming you understand the game mechanics – but they only scratch the idea of the complex simulation. Adult players, who sometimes invest a lot of time in the game, form so-called clans and engage in tactically organized battles against other groups. Almost all of these groups only accept adult players, some also accept players aged 16 and over. If young people want to join such a group and play ambitiously, World of Tanks can be very time-consuming. Some clans have fixed training times, in which tactical trainings take place, in addition regular battles against other groups come. In this case, an hourly account planned jointly by parents and child is the best option, which offers the young people the opportunity to actively participate in the professional game – but also counteracts excessive play. Nevertheless it is hardly possible with such a time limitation to play without the employment of genuine money successfully in so-called Clanwars (battles against other clans). This requires a high-ranking tank which, without a so-called premium membership, requires 200 hours and more of playing time.


The tank game is in principle free of charge, but you can also buy content for real money, whereby the critical payment by mobile phone is possible. With real currency you can buy tanks, which otherwise have to be played for a very long time. These are only necessary if the player has little time available, but still wants to actively participate in the advanced game – for example in a clan. Such a Premiumfahrzeug costs however approx. 60 euro, which is more expensive than a again published full price play for the PC. Such an investment must be weighed exactly

eSport Video games do not have an Olympic future because they allegedly promote violence. The President of the Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach, believes that the “Killer Games” “promote violence”. That must change, otherwise they could not become an Olympic discipline.

The president of the committee obviously has no problem with Olympic disciplines such as fencing, but he generally stamps eSport as “killer games” that “promote violence”.

There is a whole series of different video games that enjoy great popularity as eSports. Not only is there a lot of money in it, but slowly but surely more and more public interest in the tournaments is awakening.

finds a place, but will probably take some time. The current president of the Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach, generally rejects video games.

No Olympic future for Killer Games

Because they allegedly promote violence: Thomas Bach doesn’t seem to have dealt very intensively with the different variations of video games. Nevertheless, he has a clear opinion:

“We can’t have a game in the Olympic program that promotes violence or discrimination. So-called killer games. ”

“From our point of view they contradict the Olympic values and therefore cannot be accepted.”

“eSport is not a sport”

But sport shooting & fencing are no problem?

Two measures: Thomas Bach himself was an Olympic athlete, namely in fencing. Then he was loudly apparently also addressed.

“Of course, every fighting sport has its roots in a real fight between people. But sport is the civilized expression about it. If you have eGames about killing someone, it can’t be reconciled with the Olympic values.”

He doesn’t seem to be capable of the corresponding transmission power: eSport is not about killing someone. As a rule, the participants survive all.

The whole thing is played civilized on the screen, instead of actually going at each other, as for example in fencing. With Dota, LoL & Co. there is also no handling of real weapons, as is the case with sport shooting.

  • Apart from that there are also that they are somehow connected with real violence.
  • eSport is already medal discipline at the Asian Games. eSport is already medal discipline at the Asian Games.

What about Rocket League, FIFA, NBA & Co.?

There are not only shooters: apart from games in which virtual violence is civilized and used for sporting purposes, there are also various games that manage completely without such representations.

Apparently the president of the Olympic Committee simply doesn’t know anything about it, doesn’t want to know or ignores it. But games like NBA 2K19, Witch It! & Co should not collide with the Olympic values.