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I am always asked questions about skill games with Bitcoin. Here I try to answer most of them. As always: I am not a lawyer, it is not a binding legal advice. I have written all my answers to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Are Satoshi Lightning Skill Games legal?

Unlike games such as roulette, blackjack or slot machines, skill games are not games of chance. Success depends primarily on one’s own ability and is only conditionally dependent on luck. However, regardless of this, the skill game portals can set their own age restrictions – under certain circumstances, paid games are only permitted from the age of 18.

Attention: Providers presented on this site about Bitcoin slots with no deposit bonuses are not skill games, but pure Satoshi games of chance. Here the legal situation can look a bit different.

What’s the Minimum Age?

Basically there is no concrete age limit. The sale of virtual goods is also possible as a minor. Well-known providers such as gameduell still set an age limit of 18 years for playing with real money.

What is the Difference between Skill Games and Casino Games?

So-called skill games are usually played against real opponents. In addition, you control the game yourself through your skills. In casino games such as Bitcoin slots, roulette or blackjack, the win is almost exclusively dependent on luck. With skill games, you have significantly more control over the games – but the possible winnings are not as high as in the casino.

Can you also earn Bitcoin with Video Games?

You can also earn money with video games on your PC or consoles like Playstation and Xbox. This is best done directly in games where you can exchange virtual goods ingame (e.g. World of Warcraft, Diablo, Path of Exile etc.) Valuable items can be sold directly on ebay or on special trade portals such as MMOGA. Another approach is Lets Plays on Youtube and Twitch. Recorded and commented games are well clicked on streaming portals. The majority of the most successful Youtubers come from the gaming sector.

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How much money can I earn with skill games?

How much money you can earn with games depends on various factors:

  • The amount of your bets
  • From your invested time
  • Of your skills

If you invest a lot of Satoshis and time in skill games and are not the worst player, you can earn four-digit amounts per month just by gambling. For beginners and casual players a small monthly pocket money is realistic.

How can I Deposit and Withdraw Satoshis?

If you want to play for Satoshis on the internet, you first have to make a deposit. Other than common skill game portals that offer all the usual methods such as Paypal, bank transfer, direct debit, credit card and other digital methods, you can only pay with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies when playing Satoshi games. Depending on the provider, however, minimum payout amounts and conditions for a payout differ.

What is a deposit bonus and how do I get it?

Some providers advertise with a deposit bonus. As the name suggests, you only get this amount if you actually deposit money. As a rule, a deposit bonus has a percentage and an upper limit. With a 100% deposit bonus up to 50€ (in Satoshis) you have to deposit 50 Euro and get 100 Euro credited to your account. Special conditions apply for the withdrawal before you can withdraw the bonus.

Where can I play for free?

In contrast to the lottery or online casino you can play skill games without real money / Bitcoin – then you can’t earn anything with it but it’s fun anyway.

What are Free Spins?

Every player is happy about free spins. Under different conditions you can play free games for real money at slot providers. There is no fee for free spins, but you can still receive real money winnings.

What are tournaments?

Skillgame tournaments cover several games where you collect points depending on your ranking. At the end there is a list of the best players. Tournaments often have much higher winnings than individual games. The participation fees are manageable.

Is there fraud in Satoshi Games?

One often hears of fraud in the online casino: Operators would manipulate their software and supposedly you have no chance of winning. Even if I think such accusations are exaggerated, you can never find a clear proof to the contrary. Skill games have it a bit easier in this respect: Playing for real money against real opponents is not a fake. Who reacts faster or simply plays better will win.

Are there any tips & tricks for skill games?

There are many different types of games that you can earn real money with. It’s best to try out the games in free play mode before using real money to find your own strategies and tricks. Not everyone can play all games equally well. Unfortunately, there are no safe winning methods. When selling virtual goods it looks a bit different. For example, if you want to farm gold in a MMORPG, you should stick to various guides. Some places are simply much more effective than others.

Do I have to download a software to earn money with games?

Skillgames with the use of real money can be played directly in the browser without any problems. If necessary, it may be necessary to activate Flash or Javascript, which should be pre-installed on every PC. An extra software is not necessary for playing.

Do skillgames also work on mobile phones / smartphones?

No matter if mobile phone or tablet: Most games can be used directly mobile. Often there are even special pages for mobile devices.

Do game winnings have to be taxed?

In short: No, game winnings do not have to be taxed in Germany. It does not concern an income in the usual sense. Otherwise it can look with regular incomes such as sport bets, professional Poker or Quiz transmissions (who becomes millionaire): In principle, a jackpot does not have to be taxed. However, the tax office can be curious about larger sums and doubt the origin of the money.

Another problem can arise for social benefits or e.g. BAFöG recipients who only have a certain amount of tax-free allowance for financial reserves. A lottery millionaire will certainly no longer get his rent paid by the employment office.

Are online games safe?

All providers presented here are 100% serious and pay out money to their members. For payments I recommend online services like Bitcoin Lightning Network – this is the fastest BTC transfer for small Satoshi amounts.

Can I become addicted? What measures are there against it?

Gambling addiction is always a serious topic. The possible dependence on online games is often underestimated. Self-control is particularly important in this case: set a daily limit (time and money). And most importantly, even with the first signs of gambling addiction, there is professional help – there’s nothing to be ashamed of.