For some, streaming is already the new television. But password sharing makes life difficult for providers.

Recently, Netflix announced that it would take measures against shared accounts. What about other streaming services? We have asked on three major platforms.

It has not been a month since Netflix announced when it announced its quarterly figures that it intends to take action against the shared use of access points in the future. How and when Netflix will take concrete measures in this regard has not yet been announced by the company – also at the request of our newspaper. How do other streaming services deal with password sharing? What can be shared, what is illegal?

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Amazon Prime Video

Customers of Amazon’s streaming service Prime Video can watch series and films on up to three devices simultaneously, provided that the content is different. It doesn’t matter who owns the streaming device. At Amazon, the GTCs regulate the handling of accounts and passwords. Passing on passwords to third parties is therefore not permitted. According to a company spokeswoman, account sharing is rare at Amazon anyway: “Since the Amazon account is basically used for all transactions at Amazon and customers deposit their credit card details, this sensitive data is normally not shared.

Sky Ticket

“Password sharing is a phenomenon known throughout the industry,” says Andreas Stumptner, who is responsible for communication on Sky product topics.

The extent to which Sky is affected and whether measures are planned against this was not answered on request. In the general terms and conditions of the streaming service Sky Ticket, the passing on of the Sky-Pin to minors and third parties is prohibited.

However, the log-in data of subscriptions can be shared without hesitation with adult persons who belong to the household. A maximum of four devices can be registered for this purpose, but they cannot be streamed to more than one device at the same time.

  1. According to Stumptner, password sharing is also limited in this way.
  2. Sky reserves the right to take legal action in the event of violations of the agreements, and the subscription can also be cancelled immediately.


With a subscription to the DAZN sports streaming service, it is possible to watch on a maximum of two devices at the same time. A DAZN spokesperson will inform you on request that you have to agree to the terms of use before signing up.

This states that the log-in data may not be shared with other persons. In the event of a violation of the rules, there is the possibility of “immediately suspending or terminating the service”, according to the company spokesman.

When we were asked to what extent DAZN was affected by password sharing and whether there were any plans to take action against it, we were not informed.