The Best Bitcoin Casino Apps

BTC has become a trendsetter in many different industries like gambling. Here we will explain exactly how crypto games work.

How do you deposit with Bitcoin?

You also want to use your Bitcoins to gamble, for example at What do you do to be successful? First, create an account on the company’s website. It’s quite easy because you just go to the homepage and click “Sign up”. The following data is required:

  • Available username
  • Secure password
  • Valid email address
  • Correct date of birth
  • Accepting the terms and conditions

You do not need to confirm your email address immediately as this will only be necessary when you request a withdrawal. However, it is worth doing this right away so that you do not have to worry about the confirmation in the future. Once in your account, click on the plus symbol in the top right corner of your balance sheet. If you have just opened an account, you will understandably find the 0.00 in the balance.

You will now find the address that you can use to send Bitcoins from your wallet to the casino. For your convenience, there is also a QR code for scanning with your smartphone.

Alternatively, you can deposit into Altcoins. Here the respective currency is exchanged for Bitcoin in the current exchange rate, so that there are still only Bitcoins in circulation in the casino. The website also offers you the opportunity to buy Bitcoins directly on an exchange, but this does not necessarily have to be the best option, as many of them do not meet the necessary security standards and can therefore cause you problems.

Where do you buy Bitcoin for use in casinos?

Our Bitcoin Casino experience is that the development of Bitcoin usage in casinos is slow but steady. Not all casinos have jumped on the bandwagon of crypto currencies online yet, but the total number is rising steadily. The focus is usually on Bitcoin, which can be used for both deposits and gaming at some casinos. As you could see in the previous chapter, the deposit goes quite smoothly. However, it can be problematic to choose the right exchange for the purchase.

This is where we would like to help you and recommend eToro to you. eToro is a regulated broker that has been on the market for many years and has been a leader ever since. On we have tested the various Exchanges and Brokers in detail and have come to the conclusion that eToro is by far the best option for buying Bitcoin. In particular, the high level of security – decisive for trading in crypto currencies – ensures the positive ratings.

eToro is a multi-asset platform which offers CFD and non CFD products. 65% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

The most up-to-date and best measures will be taken to keep your data secure. In addition, the simplicity of the purchase speaks for the provider. You can easily buy crypto currencies via Paypal. Take advantage of all the benefits and register with eToro now!

Kraken Exchange – An Overview is a large and strongly growing crypto exchange, which shines by simple operation and overview. In addition to the Bitcoin, 16 other Altcoins and 5 FIAT currencies, including Euro and US Dollar, are traded here. offers trading and good security settings, but requires some proof of identity, so you will have to wait immediately after registration. The account can be linked to the Fidor bank, which makes it possible to buy coins quickly.


Table of Contents

  1. An overview: What is
  2. Registration and first steps
  3. Kraken and the Fidor Bank
  4. How safe is Kraken?
  5. How anonymous is Kraken and what are the limits?
  6. Which Altcoins are there?
  7. Pros and cons
  8. Bottom line

An overview: What is is a crypto exchange based in San Francisco (USA) which, according to its own statement, has the largest trading volume worldwide between crypto currencies and euros. With several hundred thousand customers the stock exchange belongs to the Top-10 world-wide.

The company behind was founded in 2011, followed 2 years later by the launch of the website. Already in October 2013 the cooperation with the German Fidor-Bank started, which – like – enables fast trading without annoying waiting times (see below).

Since then, has been working continuously to improve its offering, for example by raising security standards or adding new old coins. The use of the stock exchange is free; there are only fees for the purchase / exchange of crypto currencies (see below).


All important features at a glance:

Security measures: 2-factor authentication (2FA) for login (+ optional for funding, trading), master key for account resetting 17 crypto currencies and Euro, US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, British Pound and Japanese Yen
Suitable for: Beginners and Advanced
Anonymity: step-by-step verification against higher trading limits required
Daily payout limit: depending on verification level
Fees: trading fees for buyers and sellers staggered; between 0.10 and 0.26 percent for buyers; 0.1 percentage points lower for sellers each
Payment options: different depending on crypto currency
Language: English, Korean, Japanese
Mobile App: no
Trading: supported
Lending/Funding: not supported

Registration and first steps

Registering at is easy: enter your email address, username and password, confirm your terms and conditions and you’re done!

If you want to deposit Bitcoin or Altcoins afterwards, you will unfortunately reach a first limit: At the current verification level “Tier 0”, it is unfortunately not possible to make deposits and withdrawals. Neither in FIAT money nor with crypto currencies. Thus a too fast trade after the first registration is not possible.

Fortunately, the hurdles for the “Tier 1” level are not high: Full name, date of birth, home country and telephone number are quickly stored. After about one day this level was activated and confirmed by e-mail.

Now our deposit limit is unlimited; the payouts are limited to 2.500 USD daily or 20.000 USD monthly. Only FIAT money cannot be used yet, for this you need “Tier 2”. Interestingly, “Tier 2” is activated immediately after entering the address, without waiting time. In any case you can start now!

Remark: In the next animal levels the limits double or increase tenfold, in addition FIATs are added. For this you need the personal address (Tier 2), scan of the passport, an old invoice, photo ID (Tier 3). For the highest Tier 4 level (100.000 USD daily or 500.000 USD monthly) you have to contact customer service directly.

All crypto deposits are free of charge. SEPA deposits are also free of charge.

Directly after the activation of “Tier 1” we have deposited Bitcoin on for testing purposes. Just click on “Funding” in the top left corner and select the currency. Then simply select the desired crypto currency and first generate the address and then use it.

After our Test-Bitcoin was displayed about 30 minutes later, we exchanged Ripple and Monero. makes this very easy and similar to other exchanges.
Kraken and the Fidor Bank

In order to be able to deposit FIAT money, you must have reached the verification level “Tier 2” (see above), but as a German user “Tier 3” is unfortunately required!

Since cooperates with the Fidor Bank, Fidor account holders can deposit money on Kraken within a few minutes. A genuine advantage, if it must go fast.

How does it work?

Similar to, you connect your Fidor account to

The initial transaction to and from a Fidor Bank account takes a little longer because the transfer has to be checked and confirmed by a Fidor Bank compliance specialist. That’s how long Kraken’s status is “On Hold”. Don’t despair, it can take a few days!
The transfer is automatically released after the transaction has been checked and approved.

Then you can transfer Euro contributions from Fidor to Kraken without any loss of time. This makes currently the first choice if not only Bitcoin, but also Altcoins wants to buy.

How safe is Kraken?

Kraken supports the standard 2-factor authentication (2FA) for login. Unlike other crypto exchanges, you enter this directly with the login (and not with the next screen). Optional is the 2FA activation for trades during funding (= deposit) and trading.

If you wish, you can also deposit a master key in the form of a 2FA for account reset. If you have an e-mail provider with PGP/GPG support, you can deposit the PGP key with Kraken and have encrypted e-mails sent to you.

Our assessment: has a modern and good security offer. Especially in comparison to other stock exchanges we would have wished for 1-2 more security settings. These include e.g. IP whitelists and adjustable e-mail notifications for logins, etc.

In addition to a secure password, we strongly recommend the activation of 2-factor authentication directly after the first login. offers some options to customize the 2FA:

How anonymous is Kraken and what are the limits?

As an American stock exchange, adheres to the money laundering regulations and know-your-customer principles: The Kryptobörse Kraken is not anonymous.
In the context of the transparency and the acceptance of crypto currencies in the public this is to be supported naturally, also other crypto exchanges (e.g. Poloniex (our test) or Bittrex (our test)) have these defaults. The Hong Kong stock exchange Bitfinex (click here for the test) completely refrains from an identification. This of course makes the application easier for us and saves time.

The limits depend on the verification level and can be taken from the table:

On “Tier 4” the daily deposit and withdrawal limit rises to 100,000 US dollars, just as high values can be paid out in the form of crypto currencies.
Monthly, the limits increase in parallel to 500,000 US dollars.
In order to activate “Tier 4”, customer service must be contacted.

Which Altcoins are there?

Kraken concentrates on a few but very important crypto currencies. You can currently find them there:

Bitcoin (BTC) – at abbreviated as XBT
BitcoinCash (BCH)
Dogecoin (XDG)
Ethereum (ETH)
Ethereum Classic (ETC)
Gnosis (GNO)
Litecoin (LTC)
Melon (MLN)
Monero (XMR)
Augur REP tokens (REP)
Ripple (XRP)
Stellar/Lumen (XLM)
Tether (USDT)
Zcash (ZEC)

With 17 coins Kraken has a smaller offer than e.g. Poloniex (66 coins) or even Bittrex (200 coins).

Our estimation: All important coins are represented on Kraken. In addition, Kraken currently has some Altcoins in its portfolio, e.g. GNO, ICN or MLN, which are not often found on other major stock exchanges. If you are interested in the coins, you can find them on

IOTA and OmiseGo would have been desirable from our point of view. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find out if Kraken was working on it.

It can be assumed that Kraken has consciously opted for a manageable offer that reflects currencies that will continue to make a name for themselves in the future.
Proponents can see this as a hint for investors who want to diversify – sceptics probably see some market influence here.
Pros and cons

Here is a short list of the pros and cons we could make out for Kraken.


  • Quick registration (1 minute)
  • (Very) good security measures
  • After a short familiarization clear and easy to handle page
  • Connection to the Fidor bank and therefore very fast transfers


  • Manageable offer (limited to essential coins)
  • Some verification levels required (takes time, especially “Tier 3”)
  • transfer limits that are set in parallel to the verification levels.

Bottom line is a very convincing stock exchange, which shines with good security and manageability. The usability is good, the support responded to a (banal) test request within an hour! The only (but understandable) limitation is the loss of time due to verification and the resulting loss of anonymity.

Interested investors also get the chance to purchase certain old coins on, which are not always available on other major stock exchanges.

In short: A very solid and by the acceptance of euro very recommendable for the entrance into the crypto scene. We especially liked the connection to the German Fidor Bank.

What is a VPS (Virtual Private Server)?

The abbreviation VPS stands for the English term “Virtual Private Server”. VPS are often also called “Virtual Dedicated Server” which means exactly the same.

The Virtual Private Server is defined as a virtual web server based on a physical server. The powerful physical server is divided into several Virtual Private Servers. Each VPS on this device receives its own IP address, but shares the RAM, processor power and memory space with the other VPSs.

Hypervisor and VPS Hosting Management

The hypervisor manages the various virtual private servers on the physical resource. It is software that can divide the device into different virtual private servers. The hypervisor controls the hardware resource (memory capacity, RAM, CPU) accordingly and makes it available to the individual administrators.

The admin is guaranteed a certain performance, which is however usually only the minimum performance. The hypervisor has the possibility to scale the unused performance of other virtual private servers on the system and thus increase it if necessary.

Full VPS Root Access For Administrators

The different virtual servers on the same hardware resource can be equipped with different operating systems, such as Windows or Linux. Administrators have full root access to their VPS and can individually install the system they need for their applications.

This so-called encapsulation in virtual server hosting allows strict separation of foreign VPSs on the same hardware system.

Distinction From Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting works very similarly from a technical point of view. However, there is a serious difference. While the costs for a Virtual Private Server are fixed, the costs for Cloud Hosting are only calculated according to the actual use.

With cloud hosting, different items are charged individually, but this is not necessarily always cheaper. Usage-based operating costs can even quickly become more expensive than on-premise with a dedicated server.

Advantages of the Virtual Private Server

VPS are located exactly between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Server. They therefore offer a possible intermediate route with the following advantages:

  • Hardware problems rarely lead to longer downtimes because the VPS can be quickly restarted on other hardware.
  • Usually cheaper than a complete dedicated server
  • Flexibility in performance upgrades
  • Similarly good performance as with a dedicated web server

Disadvantages Of Virtual Private Web Servers

The disadvantages are different from the dedicated server and are as follows:

  • Limited resources in CPU, RAM and memory capacity compared to a dedicated server
  • Usually there are more VPS in a host system than can be controlled via network and LAN.
  • In contrast to shared hosting, administration is more extensive.

Who Should Use Managed Virtual Private Servers?

VServers for private Minecraft hosting is probably the right choice for anyone running a strong user community, a company website with many subpages or a medium-sized e-commerce business.

The decision for such a system presupposes good knowledge for the administration. In small companies the effort is too high or the knowledge is not available. Managed services are a real help here and can be booked in various categories.

The installation and maintenance of a Managed Server is always done by the webhoster. Make sure that the Managed Service is always provided by “people”, there are providers who already want to sell an administration and configuration interface as Managed Hosting.

Factors to consider when choosing a Bitcoin Casino

Bitcoin has revolutionized the online gambling industry. Bets with Bicoins are legal all over the world, are settled instantly and are very easy to place. Just as before playing in a casino where real money is played, the player must research thoroughly before depositing money into a gambling site. Because not all websites are the same and some are obviously fraudulent.

Gambling With Bitcoin

Bitcoin has only recently become part of the world of gambling, which is why online casino operators are just beginning to offer Bitcoin and other crypto currencies as payment options. A quick Google search delivers many different results – some providers look amateurish, others resemble traditional online casinos. A good comparison will help you to find the best casino. Very popular games for bitcoin betting is pocket dice, see also

Since Bitcoin is anonymous and handles transactions immediately, the industry’s casinos have developed the “provably fair” system to underline the seriousness of the casinos. Since these casinos do not require a gambling license, it became necessary to use verifiably fair software. When searching for a Bitcoin casino, one should therefore make sure that the provider either has verifiably fair software or a gambling license.

Another factor that should be considered is anonymity. Although some real money gambling casinos have begun to accept Bitcoin as a payment method, they still require that all personal information be provided in order to play on the site.

Therefore, it is preferable to choose a casino that uses only crypto currencies. It doesn’t matter whether the player has something to hide or not – the main advantage of Bitcoin casinos is that they do not require hours of verification of the players’ identity. This allows you to start playing immediately after the account has been opened. Deposits and withdrawals are processed immediately, which means that no proof of identity needs to be sent to customer service if large winnings are made.

How can I buy Bitcoins?

Now that it is clear that Bitcoins are the future, the next step is to buy Bitcoins. But how? In this guide we present everything there is to know about buying Bitcoins.

Bitcoins can be bought on regulated exchanges or directly from other people who sell them. You can pay for them in a variety of ways, including accepting cash and money transfers – it all depends where the Bitcoins are bought and where the buyer lives.

First, the buyer needs a Bitcoin Wallet

The buyer first needs a place where he can store his new Bitcoins. In the Bitcoin world, these places are called “wallets”, but you can imagine them as a kind of bank account.

  • The two most common options are: (1) a software wallet that is stored on the hard disk of the computer or (2) a web-based online service.
  • Both options have their weak points: if everything is stored locally on the computer, the user should make sure that the wallet is backed up regularly – after all, the hard disk could be damaged. Web wallets on the Internet apply a variety of security measures against hackers, ranging from very good to very bad. It is up to the user to decide which method he trusts most.
  • CoinBase is a popular wallet service that also switches dollars to Bitcoins and offers web apps and mobile (Android) apps. is another popular online wallet that doesn’t change normal money, but offers a mobile solution for Android. To the chagrin of iPhone/iPad users, the iOS wallet was recently banned by Apple when the company from Cupertino decided for unknown reasons to no longer offer wallets via the Apple Store.

Exchange/Online Wallets

The range of options seems to be growing every week, with new companies emerging on the Internet all the time, targeting new markets. Some are complete exchanges where normal money and several other digital currencies can be exchanged, while others are simpler wallet services with a limited number of trading options. Many store digital and/or normal currency for the client – just like a normal bank account.

Exchange/Wallets are the best option for those who want to trade and speculate regularly, do not need complete anonymity and accept longer bureaucratic account opening procedures that usually include proof of identity and detailed contact information. This is required by law in most countries. No regulated exchange can avoid this, as every company associated with the current financial system must meet the “Know Your Customer (KYC)” requirements and anti-money laundering (AML) requirements.

The best exchange for a particular need also depends on where the user is located. When this article was written, the largest complete trading exchanges were Bitstamp (US), BTC-e (unknown), Kraken (US), Huobi (China), OKCoin (China) and BTC China.

Once the user has opened his account, he will probably need a connection to an existing bank account to transfer money between the bank account and the new exchange account by wire transfer. There is usually a fee for this. Some exchanges also allow customers to make personal deposits into their bank account (through a customer service representative, not an ATM).

Although people in most countries can transfer money to foreign accounts, the fees are much higher and there may be long delays (if any) in switching from Bitcoins to normal money. If a bank account needs to be specified in order to use the exchange, only banks from that country may be permitted (for example, CoinBase only accepts US bank accounts).

Can World of Tanks become Olympic?

World of Tanks must be downloaded, can only be played on the Internet and is basically free of charge. However, it is possible to buy additions for real money, which are not necessary for a quick game in between, but become almost inevitable in the later, professional course of the game.

Even if the name reminds strongly of the online role-playing game World of Warcraft, the two games have relatively little in common. As is possible in the Battlefield series, the player takes control of a tank and, together with 14 other players on the Internet, conducts very tactical battles against a team of 15 other human players.

  • For each battle, players receive credit and experience points – which show the similarities with online role-playing games – which can be used to buy new tanks and improvements.
  • There is no action. Getting started is complicated and can be frustrating in the first few rounds.
  • Once young people have understood the basics, however, the battles are entertaining and offer a great deal of tactical potential.
  • Only vehicles are shown, there are no visible people in the game and even guns with open cabs only show an empty seat. The tanks are divided into USSR, Germany and USA, in the battles the nations are however wildly mixed up, this reduces possible racist problems, but does not eliminate them from the world.

Educational assessment

All you need to play World of Tanks is an Internet connection and a modern PC. Here is a site where you can place crypto-based bets.

After registering for the game, the game files have to be downloaded and the players can plunge into battle – the age of the players is not checked at any point. However, the game is quite complex and young players quickly lose the fun because of the dry display, there are no explicit representations of violence, but it is shot and vehicles explode. The tank simulation is aimed more at an adult audience that is enthusiastic about technique and tactics, there is also no action. The motivation to play lies in competing with other players and playing new tanks.

Even if young people are not necessarily the core players, the military technology the game deals with has a strong appeal for them – the reward mechanisms typical of online role-playing games are a further incentive for younger players. Parents should seek dialogue with their children to reflect on the fact that this is war, even though only vehicles are shown. The range of tanks also includes tracked vehicles built after the Second World War, but the reference to this historic event is still very useful.

Time expenditure

World of Tanks by WARGAMING can be played on the beginner level in an excellent “just for a moment” way. The battles end as soon as the enemy base is captured, all enemies are destroyed or simply after 15 minutes. These short skirmishes are fun – assuming you understand the game mechanics – but they only scratch the idea of the complex simulation. Adult players, who sometimes invest a lot of time in the game, form so-called clans and engage in tactically organized battles against other groups. Almost all of these groups only accept adult players, some also accept players aged 16 and over. If young people want to join such a group and play ambitiously, World of Tanks can be very time-consuming. Some clans have fixed training times, in which tactical trainings take place, in addition regular battles against other groups come. In this case, an hourly account planned jointly by parents and child is the best option, which offers the young people the opportunity to actively participate in the professional game – but also counteracts excessive play. Nevertheless it is hardly possible with such a time limitation to play without the employment of genuine money successfully in so-called Clanwars (battles against other clans). This requires a high-ranking tank which, without a so-called premium membership, requires 200 hours and more of playing time.


The tank game is in principle free of charge, but you can also buy content for real money, whereby the critical payment by mobile phone is possible. With real currency you can buy tanks, which otherwise have to be played for a very long time. These are only necessary if the player has little time available, but still wants to actively participate in the advanced game – for example in a clan. Such a Premiumfahrzeug costs however approx. 60 euro, which is more expensive than a again published full price play for the PC. Such an investment must be weighed exactly

eSport Video games do not have an Olympic future because they allegedly promote violence. The President of the Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach, believes that the “Killer Games” “promote violence”. That must change, otherwise they could not become an Olympic discipline.

The president of the committee obviously has no problem with Olympic disciplines such as fencing, but he generally stamps eSport as “killer games” that “promote violence”.

There is a whole series of different video games that enjoy great popularity as eSports. Not only is there a lot of money in it, but slowly but surely more and more public interest in the tournaments is awakening.

finds a place, but will probably take some time. The current president of the Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach, generally rejects video games.

No Olympic future for Killer Games

Because they allegedly promote violence: Thomas Bach doesn’t seem to have dealt very intensively with the different variations of video games. Nevertheless, he has a clear opinion:

“We can’t have a game in the Olympic program that promotes violence or discrimination. So-called killer games. ”

“From our point of view they contradict the Olympic values and therefore cannot be accepted.”

“eSport is not a sport”

But sport shooting & fencing are no problem?

Two measures: Thomas Bach himself was an Olympic athlete, namely in fencing. Then he was loudly apparently also addressed.

“Of course, every fighting sport has its roots in a real fight between people. But sport is the civilized expression about it. If you have eGames about killing someone, it can’t be reconciled with the Olympic values.”

He doesn’t seem to be capable of the corresponding transmission power: eSport is not about killing someone. As a rule, the participants survive all.

The whole thing is played civilized on the screen, instead of actually going at each other, as for example in fencing. With Dota, LoL & Co. there is also no handling of real weapons, as is the case with sport shooting.

  • Apart from that there are also that they are somehow connected with real violence.
  • eSport is already medal discipline at the Asian Games. eSport is already medal discipline at the Asian Games.

What about Rocket League, FIFA, NBA & Co.?

There are not only shooters: apart from games in which virtual violence is civilized and used for sporting purposes, there are also various games that manage completely without such representations.

Apparently the president of the Olympic Committee simply doesn’t know anything about it, doesn’t want to know or ignores it. But games like NBA 2K19, Witch It! & Co should not collide with the Olympic values.

Internet Censorship In The EU Worries Users


Threatening Meme Ban And “Internet Censorship” In The EU Worry Users

An important committee in the European Parliament has spoken out in favour of the controversial introduction of upload filters on large online platforms in European copyright law.

Critics see such upload filters as a threat to freedom of opinion and information. Satire, parody or quotations could not be recognized by algorithms – and would be wrongly blocked. There is a Meme ban. Continue reading “Internet Censorship In The EU Worries Users”

Le VPN Provider Review – Pros & Contras

Le VPN is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) based in Hong Kong with over 800 VPN servers in 114 countries around the world. It is a convenient method for users to change their IP address and bypass all possible restrictions without problems. The company has developed an innovative HybridVPN service to increase the streaming speed of locally restricted content, which we will talk about in this review.

Founded in France in 2010 (hence the name), the company has since become a global top player contributing its share to the international market.

Let’s take a look at what Le VPN has to offer.

Le VPN Features

There’s so much to see here. Le VPN offers a variety of features that combine to make it a good VPN experience.

  • Network coverage will never be a problem with Le VPN. They offer over 800 servers with IPs in 114 countries around the world on every continent. You can change servers at any time without any restrictions.
  • Free VPN software developed in partnership with SparkLabs Viscosity is compatible with Windows and Mac. While you configure the software and learn the details, additional guides are available should you get stuck.
  • Le VPN also includes a free iOS app for iPhone and iPad. This is quite practical because Le VPN allows two simultaneous connections on different devices. In July 2017, Le VPN even released an Android app.
  • VPN protocols: OpenVPN with AES-256, L2TP over IPSec and PPTP
  • Peer-to-peer (P2P) and file sharing are therefore supported, although torrents and other P2P connections are only available in Canada, the Czech Republic, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.
  • No-Log control
  • Innovative HybridVPN system to combine the protection of a VPN with the speed of a SmartDNS (more on this later in the review).

Le VPN Review – Costs

There are three different price plans – one month, six months and one year the subscriptions can last. Each plan has the same features, so the only decision is how much you want to spend.

The monthly membership costs $9.95, which is of course a less convenient subscription if you want to save. Six months for $7.50 a month and the annual plan comes to $4.95, which is a really interesting price for the many features.

The payment methods supported include credit cards, PayPal and many other services. Le VPN also accepts payments via Bitcoins, which is a feature we always appreciate. Payment with Bitcoins makes you completely anonymous and untraceable. This is perfect for a VPN service, which is there to protect your online security.

Le VPN offers a 100% money back guarantee for seven days, which you can use as a sample. No matter which plan you choose, you can always get your money back within these seven days if you are not satisfied.

How To Use Le VPN

The procedure is also very easy for beginners in VPN matters and you will not have any difficulties the first time.

To register you only need an e-mail address and a password. Then you choose the payment method. No personal information is required, which contributes to the protection of your privacy.

After you have registered, there is a dedicated client area on the Le VPN website from where you can download the client. To download the Le VPN software, click on “Support” in the upper menu and select “Start with Le VPN” from the drop-down menu.

You will be taken to a page where you can choose which installation you want to do. LeVPN has software for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone and iOS, Chromebook, Windows Phone and DD-WRT routers.

After you have downloaded and installed the software, a pop-up window opens in which you must enter your user name and password to access Le VPN’s service.

After logging in, you will see a welcome page. This page shows you some information on how to get started with Le VPN right away or, if you want, what tutorials are available to help you get used to the service.

The website is quite intuitive and easy to navigate, so we believe you should have no problems finding your way to the login and download area. As a short note: You can find the client area under “Support”. When you hover over the menu, you will see a drop-down menu where you can find the client. To be honest, the font size in the menu (maybe even on the whole website) could have been slightly larger.

The Client – Le VPN Review

The rather fast client offers many technical options. Whether you install Le VPN on Mac or Windows, the vendor uses a version of the Viscosity VPN Client. Viscosity software is not available for Linux.

The client gives you absolute control over the service of Le VPN. It’s not the most user-friendly client on the market, but if you play with it a little bit, you quickly get used to it and get to know all its functions. To access the client, just click on the icon in the Top Bar menu (after you have installed the software, the icon will appear there).

If you click on the icon, you will see a drop-down menu that opens a list of the main regions of the servers. Once you select a country you want to connect to, you can see all available VPN servers and the different VPN protocols supported. The VPN protocol you choose will affect your speed and security. For the best possible security, choose OpenVPN, a little less security, but higher speed you get PPTP and for combined speed for streaming content and security you choose HybridVPN. The features of HybridVPN will be discussed in a while.

Before you can connect to a server, you will be asked to enter your username and password. The same happens every time you connect to another server, which is quite annoying. To speed up the process, you can add the log-in information to your keychain.

Le VPN HybridVPN Service, The Innovative Way To Protect you

One of the special features of Le VPN is the innovative HybridVPN service – a mix between a SmartDNS and a VPN that offers the fastest VPN connection. Unlike a VPN, a SmartDNS allows to change the region without device configuration, while the user can still access local pages. For example, you can access TV channels and streaming services that were previously inaccessible to you.

HybridVPN combines the two and reaches your traffic through a VPN tunnel, while it can automatically unlock all online media via SmartDNS Server. Just to give you a practical example: If you want to access locally restricted streaming content, you will normally need to connect via a VPN in the appropriate country. With HybridVPN it doesn’t matter where in the world the server is – the SmartDNS in HybridVPN easily unlocks the content for you.

This means you can continue to enjoy the security of a VPN connection and simultaneously access limited online media at high speed.

Speed and Performance – Le VPN Review

It was to be expected that the speed would drop a little when Le VPN was activated, but it was absolutely surprising that the difference was so minimal. We performed all tests with the same VPN protocol. In this case, we have connected from Europe via the Hybrid VPN.

Privacy And Security Are Well Protected With Le VPN

The most important point of every VPN service is also fulfilled at Le VPN: Ideal security and good privacy protection combined with very welcome additional functions.

What immediately attracts our attention in terms of privacy is the statement that Le VPN guarantees absolute confidentiality by not keeping any logs. According to their ToS page, they do not monitor user sessions for inappropriate behavior, nor do they keep any logs of customer activity. In addition, they do not store any private information about emails, chats, visited websites, and so on. However, Le VPN reserves the right to investigate activities if they suspect that they are illegal.

In terms of security, the service has multi-protocol support. They offer the standard OpenVPN protocol, which is mainly used for desktop devices, as well as L2TP over IPsec and PPTP protocols to secure mobile devices – in addition to OpenVPN. Thanks to the AES-256 algorithm used for encryption, third-party intervention is avoided.

Conclusion Of Our Le VPN Review

Le VPN offers a consistent VPN experience that is relatively fast, secure and easy. As with any service, we have found both pros and contras.

There are many things you can like about Le VPN.

A large server network to choose from, for example, is a huge plus.

The HybridVPN feature was a winner right from the start because it combines the best elements of a VPN and a SmartDNS.

There are no logs of your activities, so you can enjoy the server with complete peace of mind in anonymity.

The user-defined client makes the whole process a lot easier, even if the software could be a little more user-friendly

Two simultaneous connections on two devices is a very nice extra.

And now some little things we didn’t like that much:

You are asked for the credentials every time you want to change servers.

All in all, Le VPN is a reliable solution. It’s great for users who have limited access in their country and would like to access social media, for example.

It is relatively convenient for online media streaming as there are a large number of available servers and a good speed. While VPN is not the cheapest, it is by no means the most expensive. If you can get one of the frequent special offers, the service is always worth it. Besides, with the seven day money back guarantee you have no risk if you just want to try it out.